Ferry Machine Corporation has been a contract manufacturer for over 60 years, all along honing our skills and building a reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality medical implants and instruments. Our laser-like focus and robust quality system gives our clientele peace of mind, ensuring Ferry Machine is their supplier of choice time-and-time again.

Contract manufacturing of medical instruments and implants has become one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. Ferry Machine has been doing this for decades – longer than most of our competition has been in business.
We are experts at multi-axis machining, welding, finishing, assembly and inspection and feature the latest technology, welding, passivation and finishing processes in-house. Controlling the process in-house minimizes lead times and improves the overall functionality of your device.

We have decades of experience machining exotic materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, Cobalt Chrome and Polymers, all typical in medical applications today. Our manufacturing engineers are innovative and have the experience to produce the results you expect the first time – and every time.

Ferry Machine is the obvious choice as a reliable long-term source for your surgical devices or implants.