Customs & Prototyping

A custom or prototype may be the most crucial component of a manufacturing project. The manufacturing team at Ferry Machine is expertly skilled and experienced in undertaking prototype development projects on all types of materials for various industries. Our team will deliver cost effective rapid prototyping services and solutions quickly and efficiently – oftentimes providing clients with hundreds of prototypes within a single week.

As a world leading prototype manufacturer, Ferry Machine is versatile in providing the most precise results on designs acquired from a simple sketch or from state-of-the-art CAD Software.

custom tool manufacturing
prototype tool manufacturing

Real-Deal Rapid Turn Customs

Our custom projects commonly feature a component or device provided by our clients that require a modification based on unique characteristics for a specific application. Ferry Machine has built a solid reputation of delivering exactly that – and extremely fast. We offer machining, finishing, welding, passivation and heat treat, all within our facility. Whether you are saving lives or cornering the market, these capabilities enable our team to routinely expedite your custom projects, converting valuable time into positive results.

Cutting-Edge Prototype Development Process

Ferry Machine is an industry leading contract CNC machining service provider. We promise world class results delivered through our state-of-the-art custom prototype development processes. Our highly-experienced team, undeniable attention to detail, and next generation machining centers are the cornerstones of our prototype development process.

prototype parts manufacturing

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