Polishing, Coating, Plating & Finishing

There are countless finishing solutions required to satisfy the needs across a wide range of industries globally. The endless variety of material compounds this tenfold. But whatever your finishing requirements may be, Ferry Machine will accomplish the task and effectively meet your requirements.

At Ferry Machine, our dedicated team of finishers are the best at what they do. They have the knowledge handed down over the years to be both efficient and meticulous. Coupling this inherited knowledge and old world craftsmanship with the latest finishing equipment, gives us the competitive advantage across the board.

Metal Finishing

Ferry Machine offers the latest coatings and processes:

  • TiN
  • PVD AlTiN
  • LF Chrome
  • Anodizing – Aluminum and Titanium
  • Electro-less Nickel
  • Electro Polishing
  • Passivation – Nitric and Citric
  • Inquire about other options

State-of-the-Art Finishing Equipment

Ferry Machine houses the latest and most advanced finishing equipment available.

Our finishing team is equipped with the following:

  • High-Speed Polishing Jacks
  • Bead Blasting Cabinets – Manual and Automated
  • Tumblers – Centrifugal and Vibratory
  • Magnetic Spinning Equipment