Laser Beam & TIG Welding

Ferry Machine is a leading provider of in-house Laser and TIG welding services. For the crafting of medical products, these are the premier types of welding. Applicable for industries from military to medical, Ferry Machine’s welding solutions are the best option for your project.

From the simplest part to the most complex of assemblies, Ferry Machine’s welding guarantees 100% accuracy in precision and functionality. Our machines also utilize the CNC process, ensuring accuracy and consistency, time and time again.

Ferry Machine is well versed in providing Laser Beam and TIG welding services for a wide range of materials.

laser & tig welding services
tig and laser welding service

Laser Beam Welding (LBW)

Laser welding is a fine-tuned heat source that fuses parts together, and typically with no added filler. Our modern laser welding machines enable us to process large volume production projects with ease – all while meeting deadlines and maintaining flawless precision. With this sophisticated technology in-house, we routinely excel at the most intricate of challenges.

TIG Welding Services (GTAW)

TIG welding is a process using an inert gas to shield the arc from contaminates, which ultimately improves the integrity of the joint. TIG is recommended over Laser when increased penetration is a requirement. Although not as precise as LBW, it produces a stronger weld. If a welding rod is used to fill the voids in the joint, it can easily be polished, resulting in a very clean and aesthetically pleasing part.

Seamless Finish Every Time

Ferry Machine never quits – we FINISH. Our master polishers take pride in every component and assembly they lay their expert hands on. Whether your project calls for satin or bright, blasted or tumbled, our finishing team will provide the prescribed finesse to guarantee the quality and functionality that we have built our reputation on over the past 60 years.

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