Nitric Passivation

Specific industries understand this process and require their parts to be passivated to achieve long term functionality. Many of the parts we are contracted to manufacture have areas vulnerable to contaminants, where in many cases, conventional cleaning methods are insufficient. Nitric passivation is a hyper-cleaning process, followed by an acid bath and rinse. This process eliminates foreign materials occasionally left behind during the manufacturing phase and creates a passive layer on the exterior surfaces that prevents oxidation. Additionally, this process will not harm the part or its features in any way.

Nitric Passivation
nitric passivation

Ferry Machine offers in-house nitric passivation as the absolute cleaning solution to access deep into blind holes, recesses, and remote areas on intricate parts. Our validated nitric passivation service is an industry leading hyper-cleaning solution that is applied using state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning equipment and unparalleled expertise.

Industries such as dental, medical, electronic, aerospace and defense, utilize our nitric passivation services to ensure effective cleaning solutions for parts susceptible to oxidation.

What makes Ferry Machine the obvious choice for your nitric passivation needs, is that our technicians are considered as experts in this field and have decades of combined experience. Ferry Machine has been meeting the strict requirements of various industries, in many cases, longer than our competition has been in business.

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